Women & Wheels

Galerie Charmante

June 2005

“très beau exposition Vita, riche en emotion!
Quelque chose à voir qui nous porte à réflécher sur l’evolution et la place des femmes dans le monde”  
I.D., St. Bruno, Qc

“wonderful, a masterful talent which brings images to life!”   C.C., Montreal

“Bold yet sensitive, very good artistry. A victory in the figurative art.
Thanks   J.A., Qc

“luscious work, a feast for the eyes”   J.M., Sutton

“Thank you for all women!”  D.L.W., Bolton Centre, Qc

“Bellisimo!” G.P., Qc

“I find the paintings very powerful with a sense of bellowing that now is the time to act
and have courage to bring back the Goddess in us...the powers of life...the ultimate truth.....” 
N.H., Mexico

“Real art! Thanks” C.C., Knowlton, Qc

“as an avid female cyclist who finds cycling as the most empowering, freeing and spiritual experience...I so appreciate this exhibit.
Thank you for sharing your male perspective and vision...wonderful!   M.L., Montgomery, VT

“Thank you for taking yourself out of your own personal boundaries to honor women.
It was a pleasure to view your work.”  H.L., Richford, VT

“Breath of fresh air...thank you for introducing Vita!   D.J., Sutton

“Wonderful to find someone who understands how we find such freedom with the bike!....I love it...thank you!
 J. da S.P., Findhorn, Scotland

“ahh...magnifique!”  L.L., Sutton

“Breathless” E.C., Sutton

“Fascinating, thought provoking and beautiful!  G and E. Z., Brome, Qc

“Paris de l’avoir vue” N.V., Sutton

“This exhibit almost forced me to see the innate beauty of a woman
for the first time!”  B.L., Pepperell, Massachusets


July 2005

“magnifique expo!” G.L., Montreal

“Félicitations Vita!” J.M., Montreal

“Extraordinaire!   D.B., Sutton

“Bravo et merci!”   C.C., Mt.St.Hilaire, Qc

“This is a bold and beautiful celebration of what has always been...
and needs to be recovered. Thank you Vita!”   E.A., Montreal

“Merveilleux - Felicitation”   C.B., Magog, Qc

“Des oeuvres impressionnantes dans différents domains. Felicitations”   
C.S., Lasalle, Qc

“this is probably the best art gallery I have ever visited.....”
E.L.R., New York, NY

“Excellent work! Worthy of a museum showing!!!”   P.A.G., Laval, Qc

“A treasure for the eyes and mind”   S.T., East Farnham, Qc

“Beautiful artwork, very unique”   C.G., Knowlton

“Powerful exhibition, especially all the works together.
Individually, the use of light and balanced compositions are wonderful.” 
 D.W., Knowlton

“It is a wonder! Beauty all around in such a powerful environment.
It is as close and intimate as poetry....”   O.S.

“très impressionnant!”   F.R.

“incredible!!!”  D.G., Montreal

“un message fort et un travail remarquable”   S.D., Abercorn

“trés bel endroit, des oeuvres de grande qualité,
une galériste passionnée du beau”  
A.M.J., Paris, France

“Evocative”   M.M. & V.B., Florida

“very powerful, thanks!”   D.R., Montreal

“great technical - great message and concept! More power to Vita!   H.D.

“Superbe”   A.deM., Westmount

“very thought provoking”   P.& D.P., Edmonton, Alberta

“Comforting to see an artist with talent and vision”   R.L., Knowlton

“Qualités esthétiques remarquables! Bravo à l’artiste!
Félicitations pour ce long voyage vers la liberté d’être dans l’action....’a voir et à revoir!” 
 M.L., Sutton

“Voila une veritable artiste qui exprime le fruit de ses réflexion”   
M.T., Laval

“Beautiful - it makes a statement to be heard by the public”   D.B., Laval

“So far beyond our imagination....we wish you greatness”   
I. & G.J., East Farnham, Qc

“Merci! c’est magnifique!”   M.G., Mt St Hilaire, Qc

“des heures de beauté”!   L.D.K., Sutton

“Une decouverte, beautés vérités, genial!”   D.C., Drummondville, Qc

“Eclectic and beautiful and meaningful”   P.&J.M., Whitby, Ont.

“Amazing pieces of art”   S.R., West Brome

“Full of humour and spirit!”   L.C., West Brome

“Absolutely stunning works. Thank you!”   K.R., Beaconsfield, Qc

“Je suis eblouie - trés valorisant”   L.V., Sutton

“...c’est extraordinaire”   C.D., Sutton

“How lucky we are to have this talent in Canada”   G.P., Rosemère, Qc

“mystérieux”   F.V., Boucherville, Qc

“Belle hommage, un bijou d’exposition...”  D.A., Lachine, Qc

“All cycles of ‘woman’  wonderful”   O.Z., Ottawa, Ont.

“Good for the soul”   I.C., Sutton

“Lumineux!”   S.S., Brossard, Qc

“very strong and beautiful”   N. & H., St Hubert, Qc

“surprennant et felicitation”   J.L., Bromont

“travail magnifique, trés fort. Bravo!   L.M., Montreal

August 2005

“Magistral, provocateur......”   T.L., Bromont

“puissant message perception de colère anti-cléricale. Magistral, Bravo!” 
A.B.G., Bromont

“Exquisite work....”   P.R., Montreal

“Vita, all your paintings definitely deserve to go to the best museums
of the world. Please keep on working”  
N.L., Sutton

...what a majestic study of the subject [cycling]”   P.L., Sutton

“un délice pour les yeux. Quel regard sur la femme! Merveilleux!”   
V.G., St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc

“I travelled around the world laying on gorgeous fabric and was enlightened. Grazie!”   
B.J., Knowlton

“Excellent! Freedom of bicycling well expressed...”  
S., Rome, Italy

“Un enchantement, merci!”  
Y.deV.M., Lac Brome

“Une nouvelle voie pour faciliter ma propre liberation....avec equiloire”  
A.L.F., Dunham

“Merveilleusement vivant...merci”  
M.B., Lac St-Jean, Qc

“Félicitation. Travail de grande qualité et un régal pour les yeux.
 Je vous souhaite enorme succès.”  
M.C., Granby, Qc

“Seen for the second time and doubly powerful!” 
E.A., Montreal

“Very inspiring - a sincere homage to women”  
G.O., Montreal

 M.S., Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc

“Félicitation Vita! Votre talent est un cadeau du ciel.” 
F.C., Knowlton

“Strikes a chord into the centre of a changing world, I find much to reflect upon here....”   
S.W., Vancouver, BC

“Thanks for this great homage to women and so beautifully done!”   
E.F.M., Los Angeles, CA