Women and Wheels is a deliberate homage to the female of diverse races and cultures and their aspiration to a greater freedom in their journey through history.

In each of the 12 paintings that comprise the series, Vita Di Milano depicts an unclothed, comely young female dominating against a setting of multiple elements. To the casual viewer, the woman's unabashed nakedness may convey the impression that these paintings are works of erotica. However, the presence of the bicycle and the different objects that loom in the background, tell otherwise.
The historical landmarks and religious icons are a reflection of the traditional institutions and ancient morals that have long prevented women from taking their rightful place in society. The bicycle, or some of its components, acts as a symbol that points at a much more important and fundamental principle.  It is the bicycle in particular that stands as the allegory for the concept of freedom and as the ideal propelling women to strive forward for a greater control of their destinies.
Self-confident and determined, Vita's contemplative females appear to have already completed their journey of self-discovery, or to be in the process of so doing. Their audacious nudity demonstrates how comfortable they now feel about themselves and their true nature. As well, the intentional irreverence they express toward various allegorical elements that appear throughout the paintings, further emphasizes the progress they have made in their age-old struggle for equality and independence.
While it is apparent that in Vita’s life women and wheels are two of his muses, equality and universal justice combined with a more enlightened and harmonious civilization, are also major passions that resonate throughout his moving tribute to women. 

Intriguing yet serene, playful yet respectful, the artist's blatant compositions reveal Vita's deep commitment to a highly controversial subject. His inspired theme and bold, realistic technique are candid and to the point, yet with a subtlety that bespeaks the mysterious and the sacred.
In denouncing those traditional myths and dogmas, which are deeply ingrained and perpetuated to this day, Vita has created a captivating ensemble of inspired works that stand in search for a universal truth.